The Global Chinese Property Hunt

With Chinese purchases of international real estate skyrocketing in recent years, the real estate market in New York City has seen an influx of buyers looking to snap up prime commercial and residential properties. Jing Daily’s new report on Chinese buyers’ impact on the New York real estate market is packed with data, expert insights, actionable research findings, and predictions. It’s a must-read for anyone active in the New York or American real estate industries to get a leg up on the competition and understand how to connect with, sell to, and build buzz among China’s new generation of property investors.

Findings in the new report include:

  • Political and economic conditions in China do play a role, but only a small one in determining why people want to invest overseas.
  • With its excellent universities, relatively affordable real estate, and favorable immigration status, New York has emerged as the world’s leading market for Chinese investment.
  • Chinese buyers overwhelmingly prefer new, high-rise condos to old-fashioned buildings.
  • The rise of Chinese buyers has forced New York-based real estate companies to adjust in a number of key ways, including hiring Chinese employees.