The Global Chinese Consumer: Closing The Sale

In “The Global Chinese Consumer: Closing The Sale,” you’ll find exclusive survey data, case studies, and detailed advice based on over a decade of China marketing experience.

Additional report features:

  • A thorough guide on how to provide superb sales service to Chinese customers from the moment they enter your store.
  • A comprehensive overview of Chinese holidays, including guidance on how your brand can best take advantage of these prime shopping and travel periods.
  • Detailed instruction on how to utilize merchandising for the Chinese consumer in order to raise likelihood of purchase.
  • How to make special promotions work for your brand, with discussion of underlying principles of Chinese purchase behavior and five best practices for a promotion’s creation and execution.
  • A step-by-step rundown of sales tactics crucial to increasing your conversion rate, including how to respond to the Chinese customer’s perspective, ensure that payment is painless and convenient, and utilize China’s negotiation culture to close the sale.
  • Best practices for customer-relationship management.

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