The Digital Consumer in Asia 2018

Hong Kong based technology company Tofugear, in partnership with Rakuten Insight, has released a sweeping new report on the shopping behaviors of Asian consumers.

The report, titled “The Digital Consumer In Asia 2018,” surveyed 6,000 consumers in 12 Asian countries in August 2018, and divided them into three generations – Gen Z, millennials and Gen X.

What did they discover? In China, Gen-Zers are on their mobile phones more than eight hours a day. Millennials complain on social media if they get bad customer service. And some Chinese buyers born 1980 or before, the Gen-Xers, will drop a retailer after just one bad experience.

From cyberpunks to shopaholics, the age groups buy and behave very differently and luxury brands need to know what motivates them—and annoys them. Gen X-ers can’t be bothered downloading apps, and Gen Z-ers hate shipping fees, for example.

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