Serving The Global Chinese Customer

In “Serving The Global Chinese Customer,” you’ll find exclusive survey data, case studies, and detailed advice based on over a decade of China marketing experience.

Additional report features:

  • Raw data from more than 100 high-net-worth Chinese travelers on their travel and shopping preferences, including reasons for purchase, top sales incentives, the top factors in choosing gifts for friends, family, and colleagues at home, key platforms for receiving information about brands, and more.
  • The six most common profiles of outbound Chinese consumers, based on field research—as well as case studies.
  • The top six components of the outbound Chinese traveler’s agenda.
  • Step-by-step, detailed instructions for retailers on best practices for effective in-store conversion strategies, including staffing, payment, and pricing policies.
  • The top five brand-building recommendations for reaching Chinese tourists.
  • Advice on leveraging both international and Chinese celebrities for marketing to Chinese consumers.

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