NFT Collaboration: Luxury’s Metaverse Opportunity

NFT Collaboration: Luxury’s Metaverse Opportunity

Brand collaborations capitalize on the notion of exclusivity and so does the trending crypto-movement of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These unique crypto-assets, stored on the blockchain, cannot be replaced or traded without the original owner receiving royalties every time they are resold. As these assets become an increasingly mainstream topic of discussion, we’ve seen an expected surge in branded projects and more specifically, collaborative luxury NFTs. 

As NFT collabs begin to proliferate, so is the number of brands striving for virtual relevancy. Jing Collabs & Drops provides a concise breakdown through this report, NFTs: Collaborating in the Metaverse, as part of Jing Daily’s Market Report series. This report offers companies around the world analysis of digital luxury collaborations in China and globally, exploring the most effective paths that brands should consider for longevity and value in the NFT space.

NFTs: Collaborating in the Metaverse offers a thorough exploration of this burgeoning new realm in 2022, detailing how luxury brands are utilizing collaboration to confidently and successfully release crypto-assets. As well as featuring interviews with dedicated experts from Decentraland, The Fabricant, Prada, Known Origin, and more, it also includes a detailed chapter on China’s current anti-NFT positioning and burgeoning parallel metaverse.

To put it simply, this is everything people know so far about luxury NFT collaborations.

Among the key questions covered in the report:

  • Should luxury brands consider offering NFTs, or could they risk being seen as simply jumping on the latest bandwagon?

  • Is it imperative for brands to offer physical objects along with digital NFTs?

  • What are some of the challenges brands should consider before devoting resources to NFTs and the metaverse?

  • How are NFTs evolving in China, and are there opportunities in the highly regulated Chinese market for international brands?

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary

  • Introduction: NFT Collabs

  • The Phygital Appeal

  • Partnering with Platforms Collab-Collectors

  • Taking China

  • Risks and Sustainability Challenges

  • Planning your next move: The state of NFT Collab Opportunities in 2022

Pages: 62

Size: 3.7MB