Jing Daily Insight Series: The NFT Potential for Luxury

Jing Daily Insight Series: The NFT Potential for Luxury

Although they have been part of the tech scene for nearly a decade, NFTs have only blazed into the mainstream over the past year, with billions in investment and transactions flooding the space and relentless media coverage of innovations in the sector. 

But for the luxury industry, the utility of NFTs remains unclear, with only a handful of early adopters experimenting with the production of virtual goods, while others have turned to the technology underpinning NFTs as a means of product authentication in the perennial fight against counterfeits.

The NFT Potential for Luxury, the first in Jing Daily’s Insight Series of brief (but actionable) reports, covers areas such as:

  • The development and growth of NFTs from tech curiosities to a tool reshaping the global art market
  • Potential luxury brand use cases for NFTs
  • Leading NFT marketplaces
  • NFTs in China
  • Luxury brand, group, and retailer involvement in NFTs
  • Potential risks to luxury brands investing in the NFT trend
  • Our proprietary Jing Daily Trend Rating

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