Industry Temperature: What’s Hot, Cold, and Critical in China’s Dynamic Luxury Market

With luxury market growth in China slowing from double-digit to negative growth within the last four years, industry professionals are searching for a fresh approach amidst a “new luxury normal.”

Jing Daily’s new “Industry Temperature” report series take the temperature of luxury consumer demand in China, both domestically and abroad, providing a concise and comprehensive evaluation of the causes and future implications of this rapidly evolving market. For our inaugural report, “What’s Hot, Cold and Critical In China’s Dynamic Luxury Market,” we talked to top China-based luxury experts about what’s behind the current domestic slowdown and what to expect in the year ahead.

Brand representatives, investors, and marketers from all sectors within the global luxury industry will gain actionable in-depth analysis and insights about how to boost spending among the world’s most dynamic luxury consumer demographic.

In this report, you’ll find the following key features:

  • A current “temperature reading” of Chinese consumers’ demand for luxury, both domestically and internationally
  • What’s really behind China’s ongoing luxury market slowdown
  • On-the-ground observations from top China-based experts about the key trends shaping China’s luxury industry for 2015
  • A look at the luxury brands and sectors that continue to thrive in the new market conditions (and how they’re doing it)
  • Expert predictions for what lies ahead in the coming year
  • Action points outlining what brands need to do for success in the new landscape of the global Chinese luxury market