The Future Chinese Consumer: Jing Daily and RTG

RTG Consulting Group and Jing Daily are delighted to launch The Future Chinese Consumer: Forget Everything You Know. While China’s development may have slowed compared to decades past, nobody has told its emerging power consumers: The Awakened Generation. The report helps understand what defines the Awakened Generation, and outlines how best to reach them.

The Future Chinese Consumer: Forget Everything You Know

The Awakened Generation are the connected, curious, conscientious young Chinese we see in our reporting, and RTG encountered during in-depth conversations with 70 post-’85s and post-’90s Chinese, plus a smartphone survey of an additional 1,000 respondents.

Most are at university, or recent graduates. They’ve grown up with the Internet, have a global outlook, and they’re coming of age at a time when China is stronger than ever.

Four lenses have proven crucial to understanding the demographic:

  1. Arts and Culture — from Prada’s restoration of the Rong Zhai shikumen house to the sharp rise and fall of rappers PGOne and Gai
  2. Travel and Leisure — including intrepid trips to the Arctic and Mount Kilimanjaro, eco-tourism, and the rise of livestreaming
  3. The Environment — championed in Yao Ming’s state-sanctioned activism and the environmentalist message of Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid, and
  4. Selfhood — with traditional identities being challenged by the likes of FFC-Acrush, a ‘boy band’ made up entirely of girls, and the new trend of ‘flash marriages’.

About RTG Consulting

RTG is a team of over 70 China consultants led by CEO Angelito Tan. The advisory board is constituted of “Chinese Oprah” Yue-sai Kan, Hearst Magazines’ Jeannette Chang, and Philippe Pascal, Former Chairman of LVMH Watches & Jewelry.