Chinese Travel Media: Navigating The Landscape

In “Chinese Travel Media: Navigating The Landscape,” you’ll find exclusive survey data, case studies, and detailed advice based on over a decade of China marketing experience.

Additional report features:

  • A detailed overview of the Chinese media landscape in order to help your brand develop a plan to reach the global Chinese traveler.
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to reach Chinese travelers through media at every point of their trip—including the planning, booking, and travel phases.
  • Comprehensive lists of the top Chinese media sources for mainland consumers in the areas of travel, lifestyle, and niche luxury publications, including vital facts such as the circulation and target demographics of each.
  • Thorough guidance on what you should look for in choosing Chinese media targets right for your brand’s identity and customer base.
  • Five primary media touch points for Chinese travelers en route—and how your brand can benefit from them.
  • Best practices for engaging with Chinese travel media through outreach and advertising.


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