Don’t Miss: 6th Songzhuang Culture & Arts Festival In Beijing (September 10 – October 10)

Festival Will Include Artists From 11 Countries

Details about this year's festival were announced earlier this summer

Details about this year's festival were announced earlier this summer

While most of Beijing’s remaining old neighborhoods and art districts have either succumbed to the wrecking ball or may in the near future, starting this week the Chinese capital’s Tongzhou district will host the 6th annual Songzhuang Culture and Arts Festival. Held in the Songzhuang art district, which currently serves as a base for an estimated 2,000 artists and which the city government hopes will soon be considered Beijing’s answer to New York’s Soho district, this year’s Songzhuang Culture and Arts Festival has the theme of “Crossover”. Over the course of the next month, the festival will host four large-scale exhibitions, each with a different title and each including a wide variety of works by artists from 11 countries.

From the Global Times:

Following last year’s theme Community! Community!, which was proposed by renowned art critic Li Xianting, this year’s festival will also include a section displaying works from different art communities across the country. Each art district will have its own location at the festival, featuring recently created artworks by artists representing each community.

A total of 11 art communities will participate, offering a panoramic view of artistic creation from across China. Artists from Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan, that have rarely been collectively shown before, will participate in this section, offering an excellent opportunity to comprehensively observe visual art from these districts.

A series of forums on creativity industries will also be held at the festival, with activities including music, poetry and drama on the program.

As the festival aims to cross artistic lines, audiences will have the chance to enjoy some of the most avant-garde and independent performances in these areas, according to the organizer, with their inclusion aimed at meeting the theme Crossover and helping the festival to become more diversified.

“Music, poetry and drama are also fields of art that need much creativity and that is part of what the theme Crossover at this year’s festival means,” Yue explained. “We hope all art genres can learn from each other and Songzhuang is a base for artists of all fields, not those working on visual art only.”

The Songzhuang Culture and Arts Festival will run from September 10-October 10.


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