DKNY’s China-Facing Mahjong Set: The Art Of Subtle Localization

Brands Getting More Creative With Holiday Gifting 

DKNY Mahjong set

As the holiday season and Chinese New Year approach, brands are getting more creative with gifting ideas for Chinese shoppers. While some are sticking with go-to zodiac embellishments — such as Vacheron Constantin’s Legend of the Zodiac 2013, the Dartz Motorz SS (Snake Skin) Bentley GT, the Cross “Year of the Snake” Pen Collection, and Chow Sang Sang’s Year of the Snake Gold Collection — DKNY is keeping it classic and a bit more subtle, releasing a branded limited edition mahjong set aimed at Chinese customers.

By localizing via mahjong, DKNY follows in the tracks of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Maison Martin Margiela, and Cartier, all of which have put out signature sets in recent years, looking to gain a foothold in China by adopting a cultural angle. With a simple black and white design, encased in a black leather box with silver buckle, the DKNY mahjong set might just be the perfect gift for those looking for something less over-the-top than a snake skin-bound Bentley yet still culturally bound.


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