Dior To Hold Second Spring Couture Event In Shanghai

Luxury House Held First Shanghai Couture Event Last Year At House of Roosevelt

Dior's first couture event in China was held last spring in Shanghai

Nearly a year after holding its first couture event in Shanghai at the city’s swish House of Roosevelt, Christian Dior is set to launch its second such private show later this month. Unlike last year’s event, which was live-tweeted by Hong Huang (洪晃) and which coincided with the highly publicized launch of the Chinese-language version of DiorMag, information about the second installment is being kept more tightly under wraps. To date, very little information about the event has leaked out in the Chinese press, with Dior keeping the invite list close to its chest.

As the Chinese fashion site No Fashion notes this week (translation by Jing Daily team):

Last year, Christian Dior’s spring couture event in Shanghai was packed with Chinese celebrities, such as actresses Zhang Ziyi and Ni Ni, Hong Huang, and designers Wan Baobao and Ye Mingzi. But this time around, netizens were surprised to hear that twin bloggers and fashion influencers Wei Dan (蔚丹) and Wei Qing (蔚青) would be attending. (Note: the controversy here appears to stem from the fact that the Wei sisters, though popular, are not “celebrities” in the traditional sense — ed.)

It’s reported that Dior’s S/S 2013 couture show will take place in Shanghai on March 30, organized once again by Bureau Betak. As one of our Weibo fans told us, “My friend is in the Dior Event department. [She said] those who are not VIPs or haute couture clients won’t be invited.”

Though — by design — its upcoming Shanghai event might not be a media blowout on par with last year’s installment, Dior has been anything but passive in over the past few months in China. Most recently, coming off its “Bar Jacket” exhibition at Beijing’s Seasons Place, last month Dior launched a pop-up shop at I.T Beijing Market, part of a global campaign to promote Raf Simons’ first collection for the luxury house.


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