Damien Hirst x Louis Vuitton leaks, Adidas x Wales Bonner sells out, and more global collabs

Whenever Wales Bonner and Adidas come together, it often results in a new Adidas Samba that grips consumers like no other. This time, it’s the Pony Leopard that is making headlines. 

This week’s global collaboration roundup features the leopard-print sneakers, along with speculation on the “leaked” Damien Hirst x Louis Vuitton Keepall bag and Emporio Armani’s latest collection with Our Legacy Work Shop, which the internet loves already.

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Adidas x Wales Bonner

adidas pony sambas

The star of this Wales Bonner x Adidas drop: the Pony Leopard. Photo: Adidas

Details: Fall 2023 collection of clothing and footwear, November 8

Social context: The first post on Instagram received 10,900 likes, while the subsequent posts received 17,800, 12,300, 10,700, 11,300, 5,812, and 2,291 likes, respectively.


  • A cult favorite around the world, Wales Bonner’s Adidas Sambas have been a hit since the two brands joined forces in 2020. This time around, there were more instant sellouts.
  • The Pony Leopard brown style is already listed on resale site StockX at an 87 percent price premium. This is higher than the best-selling metallic style of the previous drop, which is selling at a 65 percent price premium.
  • Following the statement metallic style and now the furry leopard print, it’s evident that Adidas x Wales Bonner is moving into a fashion-forward era of bold designs.

Damien Hirst x Louis Vuitton

damien hirst x louis vuitton

Details: (Rumored) Keepall bag, launch date TBC

Social context: Leaked via the Instagram account @opulent.vision, the “exclusive” photo has just 1,055 likes.


  • Though some images are leaked accidentally, the fact that this photo has been covered by the media and multiple Instagram accounts suggests that it might be a calculated “leak,” which the brand is using to drive conversation around the upcoming release.
  • Seeing as a well-known Louis Vuitton archive Instagram account was the first to reveal the photo, perhaps the French luxury house orchestrated the leak. Being the first collaboration between Damien Hirst and Louis Vuitton, the news is exciting for both parties.
  • The consumer feedback across social media is split, however, with some criticizing the bag for glorifying drug use as it is adorned with 3D pills.

Emporio Armani x Our Legacy Work Shop

Swedish brand Our Legacy joins Emporio Armani for its latest Workshop collaboration. Photo: Our Legacy Workshop

Swedish brand Our Legacy joins Emporio Armani for its latest Workshop collaboration. Photo: Our Legacy Workshop

Details: Unisex ready-to-wear collection, November 17

Social context: Animation director Gustaf Holtenäs illustrated a video that has almost 19,000 likes in total. There are 5,683 likes in total on the images across Instagram.


  • Our Legacy Work Shop is a creative and experiential hub “where fabrics and garments are used in innovative ways.” Past collaborations have included Stüssy, Dr Martens, and Baracuta.
  • The campaign was shot by British New York-based photographer Mark Borthwick and features the eye-catching animation of Gustaf Holtenäs. Its social media engagement proves how much marketing visuals steer public perception of a launch.
  • Sold exclusively at Our Legacy stores and at Dover Street Market, this collection is expected to be a hit among fans of Emporio Armani.


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