Daily Brief

December 11, 2019


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    China’s Influencers—Moms, Farmers and Even Dogs—Hawk Their Wares on Live Streams

    A 21st-century version of the infomercial has become the hot, if occasionally risky, way to sell stuff in China’s vast market. Internet “influencers” such as Viya, an internet celebrity who promotes healthy living, are taking on conventional advertising in China, mirroring a similar phenomenon in the US where questions have arisen about influencer tactics and effectiveness. Read more on The Wall Street Journal

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    Hong Kong Protests: Is the City Still Appealing for International Business?

    With the political and societal upheaval in Hong Kong showing no signs of ending anytime soon, the threat to doing business in the city for international brands is being drawn into the politics of the day, industry experts say. Read more on The Drum

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    Soon It’s Going to Be Easier to Find a Gucci Store in China

    China may have helped create the world’s biggest shopping event online, but for Gucci’s owner, physical stores are still the way to go in the most populous country. Read more on Bloomberg

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    H&M's Brand COS to Test Clothing Rentals in China with YCloset

    H&M, the world’s second-biggest fashion group, said on Friday its brand COS had teamed up with Chinese subscription rental platform YCloset to try renting out clothes in the country as environmentally conscious consumers rein in purchases. Read more on Reuters

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    Victoria Tang on Restoring Shanghai Tang

    Victoria Tang was 10 years old when her father, the late Sir David Tang, launched Shanghai Tang, making the luxe Chinese label part and parcel of her childhood memories. The younger Tang often wore the clothing on important holidays, while her father, she recalled, wore it religiously. Read more on Women's Wear Daily