Daily Brief

July 22, 2019


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    Fendi's Art Installation Puts Quasi-Panda Diplomacy Into Service

    The Italian label enlists the Chinese artist Oscar Wang to create “Fendidi,” an installation that markets its collaboration with pop star Jackson Wang. Read more on Surface Magazine

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    BMW Looks to Boost Self-driving Tech with Tencent Venture

    The companies will build a processing and storage center to handle data from test trials in China and BMW’s computer simulations. BMW’s partnership with Tencent comes a year after the leading Chinese artificial intelligence and cloud storage company launched a push to develop self-driving technologies after similar initiatives from its main rivals Baidu and Alibaba. Read more on Financial Times

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    H&M Teams Up with Angel Chen on First China Designer Capsule

    Magnus Olsson, country manager of H&M Greater China, said, “The fashion industry is undergoing a transformation, and consumers are constantly changing. We always aspire to create fashion that offers our local customers something new, delivering a good balance between fashion basics, current fashion and the very latest trends. Therefore, we are experimenting with various ways in different markets around the world to bring outstanding design and products to local consumers." Read more on WWD

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    Foreign Luxury Brands Place Higher Value on Chinese Market

    French fashion house Christian Dior on Sunday announced to launch its e-commerce website in China. Experts noted the Chinese market still holds great potential for global luxury brands amid the sluggish international economy. On its Chinese e-commerce platform, Chinese customers can purchase ready-to-wear items as well as accessories from collections for women and men, Dior tweeted on Sunday. Read more on Global Times

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    The "Mini-me" Fashion Trend That Just Won’t Go Away

    The trend, percolating for decades, has reached fever pitch this summer as retailers as varied as H&M, Anthropologie and Saks Fifth Avenue double down on “mini-me” fashion to boost sales. Target has matching swimwear for the whole family, while “Mommy & Me” options at Neiman Marcus include Dolce & Gabbana butterfly-print skirts and dresses, Burberry sneakers and Gucci nylon jackets (US$520 for toddlers, US$1,400 for adults). Read more on South China Morning Post