CK Digital Wearables, Jack Grealish In Gucci Town, Yves Saint Laurent Files Trademarks In The Metaverse, And More: Web3 Drops of The Week

This week saw some big names enter the metaverse, marking Web3’s ever-evolving impact on the fashion industry. Yves Saint Laurent got both luxury and crypto enthusiasts talking as the Parisian house teased its foray into the metaverse by filing trademark applications for its name and logo in the NFT space. 

Roblox again tapped celebrity appeal after bringing the popular England footballer Jack Grealish into its Gucci Town virtual space. Following the brand’s concert with Miley Cyrus in the Gucci World last year, Grealish is the latest name to appear on Roblox’s red carpet as the gaming platform continues to bank on star power.

In other news, Calvin Klein’s latest campaign brought its impressive brand image to China’s games sector. Targeting the country’s netizens, the label launched a Web3 initiative that combined gaming, AR, and Ready Player Me avatars for an immersive Spring Festival experience. Global conglomerates have long understood the importance of China-focused messaging. What’s changed is the realization that tapping new tech (like Web3) is crucial. In 2023, nothing compares — this is how to meaningfully connect with your target consumers.

YSL Beauté stepped into the metaverse last year in partnership with Wunderman Thompson. Photo: Wunderman Thompson

High Fashion Continues On Its Web3 Trajectory As Yves Saint Laurent Files For Metaverse And NFT Trademarks

What Happened: Yves Saint Laurent has revealed plans to enter the metaverse and NFT space after filing for trademark applications late last week. According to these requests, the French luxury fashion house will offer downloadable and recorded virtual goods as part of a beauty line which includes makeup, skincare, and haircare products for use in the digital world. It’s rumored these will consist of downloadable multimedia files: NFTs featuring illustrations, text, music, and video. The brand is also considering the construction of stores in the metaverse to sell these virtual goods. 

The Verdict: Although the label has form in Web3 (Yves Saint Laurent Beauté dropped 10,000 NFTs on the Polygon blockchain in June), the news signals a huge milestone for the house, as it proves it’s preparing to augment its online roadmap. This is starting to look like a pattern: the brand joins a number of high fashion competitors that have cemented Web3 as a solid part of their strategies over the past year, including Prada, Balmain, and Bulgari. 

Calvin Klein’s Lunar New Year campaign encouraged users to share their avatars dressed in the brand’s #mycalvins collection. Photo: Ready Player Me

Calvin Klein Brings Gaming Experience And Digital Wearables To The Chinaverse

What Happened: In a bid to target its Asian community, Calvin Klein has dropped a new gaming experience. The initiative, which brings together augmented reality features and Ready Player Me activities, gives players the chance to unlock discounts that can be redeemed both in-store and online, as well as a variety of prizes. Users can access the game via the Ready Player Me platform after dressing their virtual avatars in merchandise from the CK capsule collection. 

The Verdict: Part of the label’s iconic #myCalvins campaign, this activation is an attempt to get fans involved. Visitors can post their Calvins-clad avatars to be featured on its dedicated website. Known as “advergaming,” this interactive strategy has become popular as more and more brands look to gamify campaigns for novelty and engagement. But it’s also highly competitive. Names moving into this space need to be aware of the challenges — such as long-term value, slow optimization as a result of high traffic, and the difficulties of creating unique appeal within a highly saturated market. 

Roblox is tapping football’s loyal fan following by bringing Jack Grealish to its Gucci Town platform. Photo: Roblox

Jack Grealish Joins Roblox’s Star-Studded Gucci Town As Part Of The House’s Long-Term Web3 Strategy

What Happened: The popular gaming platform put its name back on the map this week after introducing international footballer and fan favorite Jack Grealish to Gucci Town. Grealish’s avatar can be seen sporting a full Gucci-fied outfit taken from the brand’s “Good Game” capsule collection. Players are able to challenge Grealish to a penalty shootout in the game and be coached by the footballer himself. 

The Verdict: After the appointment of Grealish as an ambassador for the house back in April last year, this project marks a step forward in Gucci’s commitment to deepening its partnership with the midfielder. It’s also likely to drive a wave of football fanatics towards the platform, offering them exciting ways of engaging with this well-loved sports celeb that aren’t available on the offline pitch. 

Chinese sportswear brand Li-Ning has launched its digital collectible series, taking cues from BAYC’s trademark aesthetic. Photo: WeChat

Li-Ning Drops First-Ever Digital Collectibles Series “Wu Dao Shoe Man” Inspired By Bored Ape Yacht Club

What Happened: Earlier this month, sportswear and lifestyle line Li-Ning dropped its first-ever digital collectibles series, “Wu Dao Shoe Man.” Following the label’s announcement of its partnership with iconic NFT collective Bored Ape Yacht Club back in 2022, this new collectibles series saw the two brands bring their partnership to life: BAYC’s trademark ape motif was transformed into a 3D personality, kitted out in gear inspired by Li-Ning’s aesthetic and designs. 

The Verdict: The collection also echoes the theme of Li-Ning’s Fall 2018 New York Fashion Week show, a presentation which marked a milestone not only for the company but China’s entire sportswear industry — as it brought global recognition to the sector’s unique cultural identity. The joint venture has seen both groups develop a strong collaborative model. The two have developed a pop-up store in Beijing, opened experiences in The Sandbox, and held events that tap into China’s leading cultural trends, from graffiti to frisbee.


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