Naughty or Nice? Rating Luxury Brands’ Christmas WeChat Campaigns

Christmas is something of a shopping festival in China, just as it is elsewhere, and many luxury brands co-opt the tradition to promote their offerings. WeChat has been an essential marketing channel in the lead up to the holiday, with brands offering their followers creative digital experiences such as well-crafted stories, games, quizzes, and more.

Which Christmas WeChat campaigns stood out and which failed to engage their audience? Jing Daily picked out the three nicest and the three naughtiest of 2017.


The Christmas campaign of Burberry is a well-designed game that successfully captures the attention of followers.

Burberry’s campaign featured an original, physics-based video game. Photo: screenshot


British fashion label Burberry captured the attention of its followers with a well-designed game. The game’s assets are the brand’s products available this Christmas. Many users have commented that the aesthetics of the game are high appealing, and the gameplay is genuinely enjoyable. Players are encouraged to share their scores with their contacts to compete against their friends and garner the campaign more attention.

Why it works: Engagement. Offering an interesting game followers can interact with better engages with them on WeChat than a post with text and photos.

Stella McCartney hosts a vintage selfie contest during the Christmas season.

Stella McCartney is hosting a vintage selfie contest during the Christmas season. Photo: screenshot

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s Christmas WeChat campaign is taking its followers back to the ’80s and ’90s with a vintage selfie contest. In a post introducing the contest, followers can click on any image to open a web page where they can take a selfie or upload one from their library. The next step is to customize the selfie with Stella McCartney-themed effects and stickers. Once they’re done, users can choose to save the photo and share it on WeChat’s Moments or directly with friends. The brand also encourages participants to send their selfies directly, with the best five winning gifts from the brand.

Why it works: Stella McCartney has smartly tapped into selfie mania in China. In this contest, followers get a new visual language for one of their favorite subjects—themselves.


Italian affordable luxury brand Furla is offering a quiz for Chinese women to deduce the most charming aspect of their personality—their confidence, passion, mystery or elegance. In a series of multiple-choice questions, players arrive at a final answer, and a product recommendation to suit.

Why it works: Furla’s quiz offers readers some takeaways they can share and discuss with their friends. The quiz also makes the final product recommendation feel somewhat more convincing and personalized.


Bally's Christmas WeChat campaign is featuring Tang Yan, its Chinese brand ambassador.

Bally’s Christmas WeChat campaign features Tang Yan, its Chinese brand ambassador.


Bally’s Christmas campaign on WeChat is a note from its brand ambassador, Tang Yan. The visually-attractive photos of Tang dressed in Bally’s products is likely to only draw the attention of Tang’s fans. In the comment section under the post, most messages are directed toward the actress herself, and don’t mention the products.

Tiffany lists a series of its products in the Christmas WeChat campaign.

Tiffany lists a series of its products in its Christmas WeChat campaign.


Jewelry label Tiffany has pushed out four Christmas-related WeChat posts, but none of them is especially engaging. Each is simply a list of Tiffany’s products, which the brand implores the reader to buy as Christmas gifts for their friends, family, and lovers. These posts are repetitive and uninteresting.

Loewe lists a series of its products in the Christmas WeChat campaign.

Loewe lists a series of its products in the Christmas WeChat campaign.


Like Tiffany, the Spanish luxury brand Loewe also offers a Christmas gift list to its WeChat followers. The poorly written post lacks the ability to effectively trigger the interest of readers to purchase their products. More importantly, the post doesn’t tell them where they can buy Loewe items, failing to direct the customers to their stores.


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