Christie’s Education Launches First-Ever Program In Mainland China

Program Partnership With China Europe International Business School

Christie's is keen to tap the new Chinese collector closer to their home market

This week, Christie’s and the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) announced a new partnership, which will bring the auction house’s educational wing to mainland China for the first time. The new program, “The Global Art Market: Collecting & Investment,” is aimed at giving China’s burgeoning collector class a better understanding of the developments shaping the auction market now just in China but around the world.

Offering a holistic overview of the industry, the program delves into everything from the history of art to law, insurance and estate planning. Upon its launch in May 2013, the program will take students around the world for four modules, which will take place in auction industry power centers like Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong and London.

According to CEIBS president and program director Zhu Xiaoming, “With the vibrant development of the Asian art market, more and more people are collecting and investing in art. As a result, there is an increasing need, within the Chinese market, for art education. CEIBS also intends to cultivate entrepreneurs who have an appreciation for art. Our Art Market Programme will provide participants with the skills needed to maximise the efficiency of their overall asset portfolio, cultivate their taste for the finer things in life, improve their reputation as serious art collectors and enhancement their individual images as well.”

Added François Curiel, president of Christie’s Asia, “[T]hrough this cooperation with CEIBS, we deepen our long-term commitment to China and Chinese art. Our aim is to inspire a larger audience to enhance their enjoyment and appreciation of art.”

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