Chloé Celebrates Five Years In China With Limited Edition Handbag

China-Only Anniversary Edition Limited To Run Of 78 Bags

Chloe China anniversary edition handbag, limited to run of 78

Chloe China anniversary edition handbag, limited to a run of 78

To celebrate its fifth anniversary in the China market — where it currently operates boutiques in Beijing and Shanghai — the French fashion house Chloé has unveiled a China-only Marcie handbag, limited to a run of only 78.

Sure to be highly sought-after by the country’s luxury-obsessed, who have recently splashed out on limited-edition products by Chanel and Prada, localization in Chloé’s China anniversary bag is limited only to its fiery red color and numbered “China 5th Anniversary Limited Edition” bronze plate.

Adapted from Chloé’s global “Marcie” line, this handbag is fashioned in red-washed calfskin, with a brown leather strap and beaded clasp. The metal accents are faded in order to lend a retro look.

These bags will make their debut in Beijing and Shanghai this December. No word on the price as of yet.

Engraved nameplate

Engraved nameplate