Chinese Retailer Bosideng Chases London Dream (Video)

Established Brand In China, Unknown Player In Europe

Bosideng hits London on July 26

Last month, Jing Daily looked at the global ambitions of Bosideng — a Chinese fashion juggernaut with over 10,000 retail outlets in its home country — as it prepared to launch its first overseas flagship in London. Despite the brand’s massive investment, global ambitions and intent on positioning itself as a more “upmarket” label in London, however, Bosideng’s chances outside of China are far from certain.

As we pointed out:

[D]oes Bosideng really have a chance outside of China? Possibly. But not because of domestic British shoppers. At the moment, the brand is more likely to see its customer base be mostly made up of London-based Chinese nationals, overseas students and visiting tourist-shoppers. But, if the brand manages some clever marketing, refocuses its online presence, and follows the Uniqlo school of positioning an unknown Asian brand as a cool alternative to established Western names, it might have a fighting chance to pay its sky-high London rent and eventually stride into continental Europe. Otherwise, it might turn out to be a very expensive lesson in overseas retail for Bosideng (and a valuable case study for other ambitious Chinese brands).

This week, Bloomberg visits Bosideng’s new flagship in London to give us a glimpse of what visitors can see at the store and shed some light on the brand’s potential in a new (and difficult) market:


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