China’s “Young Emperors” Take To Polo (Video)

Wealthy Elite Investing In Niche Sporting Lessons For Children

Polo in China

Polo in China

We tend to take stories that overhype the emergence of traditionally “elite” sports in China with a grain of salt, because even sports considered run-of-the-mill in places like North America (baseball or hockey) are rarely played there for by a select few Chinese. (Although this isn’t for the MLB’s lack of trying.) Even for middle-class parents of decent means, the choice between investing in niche sporting lessons for their child or something more practical (like foreign language tutoring) is a foregone conclusion.

However, the following Reuters video on a Beijing polo club that offers lessons to the children of the city’s wealthy elite to the tune of $14,000 (over four times the country’s nominal per capita annual income) caught our eye, as it shows how conspicuous consumption in China now extends far beyond villas or extended-cab BMWs into ballet lessons, Parisian debutante balls, and charm school.


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