China’s Terracotta Warriors Set For Singapore Debut

“Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and His Legacy” Will Run From June 24-October 16

China's terracotta warriors will debut in Singapore on June 24

China’s terracotta warriors will debut in Singapore on June 24

Having hit cities like Montreal, Sydney, and Washington D.C. over the past couple of years, the terracotta army of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi is set for its debut in Singapore. Taking place at the Asian Civilisations Museum from June 24-October 16, “Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and His Legacy” will comprise 100 artifacts on loan from 12 museums in China’s Shaanxi province along with 10 terracotta warriors — the maximum number the Chinese government allows to be shown abroad at one time. As Singapore’s TODAYonline notes, the exhibition is divided into three sections, beginning with a look at the pre-dynastic reign of Shi Huangdi and ending with a sampling of artifacts from the Han Dynasty that followed, which provide visitors a cross section of hundreds of years of early Chinese history.

What sets this exhibition of the increasingly globe-hopping terracotta warriors apart, aside from the fact that they’ve never been shown in Singapore, is its more contemporary and high-tech angle. Complementing “The First Emperor and His Legacy”,  Singaporean artist Justin Lee will present an adjacent exhibition entitled “Life After Death”, which features pop art-influenced renderings of the terracotta warriors previously shown by Lee at the National Museum of Singapore.

Additionally, organizers of the “First Emperor” exhibition have created a free iPhone/iPad app that lets visitors interact with the exhibition via vision-based augmented reality. Created by Singapore’s Magma Studios, the app claims to be “the world’s first to combine augmented reality (AR), location-based gaming and interaction”.



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