China’s “Love For Luxury” Boosting Hong Kong Retailers (Video)

Mainland Shoppers Take Advantage Of Hong Kong’s Proximity, Lower Taxes To Stock Up On Luxury Goods

CNN posted an interesting video today about the growing number of mainland Chinese shoppers flocking to Hong Kong to buy luxury goods, much to the enjoyment of Hong Kong retailers and international luxury brands alike:

As Jing Daily has written before, mainland Chinese luxury shoppers — who tend to be younger than their counterparts in Japan and the U.S. — have developed a reputation in Hong Kong as “mall tourists,” who avoid sightseeing at places like Hong Kong Disneyland and spend nearly all of their time in places like Tsim Sha Tsui’s Bacheng Mall.

"Hao Ke" (luxury shopper) paradise: Bacheng Mall, Hong Kong

"Hao Ke" (luxury shopper) paradise: Bacheng Mall, Hong Kong


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