China: This Week In Digital Luxury Marketing

A roundup of ongoing digital campaigns on China’s social media, featuring Clinique, Lancôme, Audi, Coach, and Uniqlo.


“Every pore tells a story,” and skincare brand Clinique puts that story-telling power back in the hands of its Weibo followers. From June 17-22, fans have to write a story using the words “pores,” “cleansing,” and “gentle,” and three lucky winners will win Clinique’s new Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, with one winner announced every two days.



Makeup expertise goes on a road trip as cosmetics company Lancôme takes its makeup gurus on a tour bus through eight cities in China. The company asked fans on Weibo which city they should go to next by having them welcome Lancôme in their regional dialect from June 18-25. A lucky winner from each chosen city could win a Lancôme light-makeup item.



Whether one is a soccer fanatic or an amateur fan, the German automaker says all is fair game in its Weibo gift giveaway. From June 16-25, fans have to correctly guess from a list of silhouettes which soccer players they are. Three people who guess correctly will win a special World Cup USB stick, and seven people will receive a World Cup mug.



Luxury bag maker Coach gives its Cancer star-sign fans a reason to rejoice. In a new Weibo campaign, it asks fans to tag three of their fellow Cancerians in a message to Coach. From today until an unspecified date, a lucky fan could thank their stars and receive a mystery gift.



As fashion brand Uniqlo celebrates its 30th anniversary, it wants its fans on WeChat to scream in excitement, but with a caveat—they have to do it in their regional dialect. To start the contest, fans have to send a message to Uniqlo’s WeChat channel with the text tag “Screaming internally,” and wish Uniqlo a happy anniversary via voice recording in their regional dialect from June 3-27. They’ll then receive a proof, which they can activate by scanning a QR code at any retail branch for two chances to win gifts. From June 3-19, 10,000 Uniqlo special-edition 30th anniversary diaries will be given away, and from June 20-22, three 3.000-yuan gift vouchers will be given away.