China: This Week In Digital Luxury Marketing

A roundup of ongoing campaigns in China through November 8, featuring Dell, Max Factor, Cadillac, Kiehl’s, and Mercedes-Benz.


To promote a new laptop model, leading computer and technology company Dell has posted a six-sentence-long Chinese “Inspiron 14R Laptop Tongue Twister” on Weibo to challenge its fans. Participants who “read out” a sentence and refer the post to friends will have the chance to win a coupon for the Inspiron 14R Laptop and to enter and win a “Dell talking cookie”. Winners can upload a photo, video, or audio file to create an edible QR code, which will be printed on a cookie, making it a “sweet” way to convey a message to a special someone.


Max Factor

As reality show China’s Next Top Model enters a fierce competition between the final 10 contestants, American cosmetics company Max Factor—sponsor of the show—has launched a campaign on Weibo entitled “Guess Who the Super Model is with Max Factor” (Chinese: #MaxFactor超模竞猜#). Participants are asked to visit a mini-site and vote for their favorite contestant for the chance to win a Max Factor gift set valued at more than RMB 10,000, as well as a chance to visit Hollywood with the winning contestant.



U.S. luxury auto company Cadillac is promoting its spokesperson Hong Kong singer Karen Mok’s (莫文蔚) upcoming concerts in Shanghai. The company asks its fans to download the Cadillac SRX car paper model sheet, and post photos of their completed work on Weibo for a chance to win Mok’s CDs or tickets to her concerts.



Chinese fashion designer Qi Gang (祁刚) recently collaborated with American skincare company Kiehl’s and designed 16 looks, all inspired by doctors’ white lab coats and the brand’s core spirits: science, nature, giving, and New York. Kiehl’s has launched a campaign on Weibo titled “Feel the Power”, asking its fans to refer the post and comment on which look they like best for a chance to win a gift set.



World’s leading auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has launched a campaign featuring the stories of three “dream makers”: suit designer Allen Xie, techno musician Ben Huang, and editor/creative director Jiaojiao Chen. Now through November 8, participants are asked to watch the videos of the three stories and write a post on their own dreams for an opportunity to win a Mercedes-Benz car model.