“China Has Become A Very Important, Huge Market For Every Cognac Company”

Thoughtful China Speaks With Cyril Camus, President Of Camus Cognac

Ranking second after the US in cognac consumption — and closing in fast — China has quickly become the number one target market for cognac brands as the spirit remains the preferred tipple for many of the country’s wealthier, typically older and male, drinkers. Staking approximately 35 percent of yearly volume in the overall market, China is speculated to one day take over half of that market and already leads as number one in terms of turnover and revenues. Recently, Thoughtful China sat down with Cyril Camus, the 5th generation president of Camus — the largest privately owned Cognac brand and one of the top five houses overall — to discuss brand building, the competition, marketing budget, and social media in an era of discriminating Chinese cognac connoisseurs.


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