China Collabs Of The Week: Dragon Jewelry, Streetwear For Pets, And Fengyi Tan

In China news this week, pooches are the biggest street style stunters around. This is thanks to names like Chinese pet wear brand Lazy Eazy, which is joining forces with the mainland’s hottest underground streetwear brand Roaringwild. Arriving in late October, their human and pet collection will likely feature matching puffer jackets and cargos.

China’s thriving pet economy isn’t the only intriguing headline of the week. Playful stoner merchandise brand Talking Terps is releasing Yeenjoy incense burners, and independent jewelry name Yvmin has revealed a capsule collection with London-based A Better Feeling, offering dragon tail chainlinks.

Over on the high fashion side, Fengyi Tan sent models down the Shanghai Fashion Week runway wearing Adidas Gazelle and BW Army silhouettes. Meanwhile, Canada Goose has tapped another independent Chinese designer and prolific collaborator: Feng Chen Wang.

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yvmin x a better feeling

The Yvmin x A Better Feeling collaboration, shot by Haotian. Photo: A Better Feeling

LAUNCH DATE: October 12

TREND: New product categories

VERDICT: The offerings of both Yvmin and A Better Feeling capture the same slightly strange, urban artistry that fashion-forward Gen Zers love in 2022. Therefore, merging these two makes a lot of sense stylistically and consumer-wise. Both brands have a similar number of fans, and because A Better Feeling is based in London and Yvmin is in Shanghai, the two are able to trade exposure to two distinct luxury markets. Furthermore, A Better Feeling is primarily an eyewear label, so this pairing allows it to expand into the jewelry category.


canada goose feng chen wang

A shot from the upcoming Feng Chen Wang x Canada Goose x Xu Zhen collaboration. Photo: Canada Goose

LAUNCH DATE: October 20

TREND: Creative outerwear

VERDICT: First announced in July 2022, the 12-piece Canada Goose apparel collection by independent designer Feng Chen Wang and multimedia artist Xu Zhen has finally been revealed. The outerwear brand has a strong focus on mainland China, which is often fed and reflected through local co-branded releases such as this. As the first collaborative capsule to include footwear, it shows how the brand is experimenting, broadening the prospects of its newly established product offering. Having already opened 16 stores in China, Canada Goose plans to roll out more in Tianjin, Qingdao and Chengdu this year.


yeenjoy x talking terps

Talking Terps and Yeenjoy are releasing a line of incense burners. Photo: Yeenjoy

LAUNCH DATE: October 20

TREND: Niche homeware

VERDICT: Boasting a cult following, Talking Terps joins ceramic studio Yeenjoy’s ever-expanding roster of collaborators, which includes Minions’ IP, Ed Hardy, and CLOT. The lifestyle name is most known for selling out drops of stoner merchandise within minutes. It’s gained such a huge following since launching in 2015, so much so that it even has a figurine selling on StockX. In short, it’s a no-brainer for Yeenjoy to join hands with Talking Terps as a brand bringing artistic incense burners into the lives of young Chinese homeowners. 


Arch by Roaringwild and Lazy Eazy have taken a tongue-in-cheek approach to the campaign. Photo: Arch by Roaringwild Weibo


TREND: China’s fashionable pet economy

VERDICT: Pet fashion brand Lazy Eazy was born off the back of China’s pet economy. A quick look at the brand’s Instagram shows it as a fashionable, young name, suiting the fashionable pristine yet playful aesthetic seen frequently on news feeds. Arch by Roaringwild, on the other hand, is one of the streetwear names-to-watch in China right now. Therefore, the combination of the two is ideal for Gen Zers who curate their entire identity, from their sneakers to their pet accessories.


Fengyi Tan

At Fengyi Tan’s most recent Shanghai Fashion Week show, Adidas sneakers became the ultimate accessory. Photo: Fengyi Tan

LAUNCH DATE: Spring 2023

TREND: Western name x local talent

VERDICT: No one does local brand collaborations quite like Adidas. Although there are no co-branded products — perhaps some will come later — it is still a collaboration in that the whole Spring 2023 collection of Fengyi Tan at Shanghai Fashion Week was accessorized by Adidas Gazelle and BW Army silhouettes. It positions Adidas within China’s fashion scene while making Fengyi Tan’s ready-to-wear appear simultaneoulsy relatable and aspirational. 

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