China And Italy To Meet At Milano Fashion Global Summit 2012

Two Tailors In A Global Market Discuss The Future Of Business & Fashion

Milano Fashion Global Summit 2012

This September, two titans of the world’s luxury fashion industry, China and Italy, will come together at the 2012 Milano Fashion Global Summit — an international gathering of fashion’s key players and other leading personalities at Milan’s Palazzo Mezzanotte. From the 7th-8th of September, top executives from the biggest names in luxury will discuss the importance of fashion and commerce, focusing on production, distribution, and the challenges the fashion industry faces in the tepid economic climate.

The 2012 MFGS will be the third time China stakes its claim at the summit. Previously, in 2010, MFGS presented “Discover True Italian Style: A Business Opportunity for Chinese Entrepreneurs,” hosted in Shanghai, and in 2011, “Options of Luxury – The Voice of China: The Evolution of Customers, Style, Production, Distribution, and Investments.”

Increasingly recognized as a heavy hitting force not only as a consumption powerhouse but a fountain of creativity and ideas, China now ranks as the world’s second largest luxury market and a venerated source of inspiration. Not only is the luxury market an important case study, but a growing army of young designers and up-and-coming style visionaries makes China perhaps the next big thing in global fashion. Add in its rising  skill in high-end production and finishing, and it’s no wonder that one Italy — one of the fashion world’s long-time hotspots — has decided to engage with China.


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