Charles & Keith Enters The Sandbox, Miniso Launches Digital Collectibles & More: Web3 Drops Of The Week

These past few weeks have seen big moves from The Sandbox, with both Web3 front-runner Alo Yoga and now metaverse veteran Charles & Keith launching new experiential offerings in the virtual world. 

Moreover, Korean creative Amber Park is on every fashion-forward consumer’s radar as the multidisciplinary artist prepares to launch her widely anticipated Web3 omniverse, Play! Pop! Go! Having previously designed for a star-studded clientele, including Lil Nas X and Katy Perry, Park is well on her way to disrupting the virtual fashion world with her new “elevated, polysexual” brand, hailing new directions for the luxury market segment in the process. 

Turning to China, virtual aromas have hit the market — in the form of digital collectibles, that is. Lifestyle store Miniso, which recently made headlines for riling domestic consumers with its branding, has launched a digital collectibles series as part of its Masters Aroma Lab project. While virtual aromas have generated much speculation over the past year thanks to collabs such as Byredo x RTFKT, this new drop may have missed the mark. Jing Daily explores why below.

Charles & Keith has cultivated a strong offline consumer base. Now it wants to do the same in the metaverse. Photo: The Sandbox

Charles & Keith Extend Web3 Roadmap Through The Sandbox

What Happened: Charles & Keith has launched a new metaverse experience in The Sandbox dubbed Charleskeithhaus. Modeled after its Spring/Summer 2023 State of Play campaign, Charleskeithhaus provides an immersive and entertaining way to experience the brand’s universe. 

Every detail in the house is curated to reflect the spirit of the new collection, from color palettes to NFT galleries showcasing recently released artworks. Additionally, virtual K-pop star Apoki is set to throw a rooftop party in The Sandbox to celebrate the project’s unveiling. The event will also feature a virtual runway where visitors can watch the new collection in real time.

The Verdict: After reports last year claimed that metaverse spaces like The Sandbox had as little as 1,000 users per day, we’ve seen a real push from the sector to upscale its offerings and prove its place in Web3. 

As interactive retail becomes commonplace, The Sandbox has become the primary port of call among brands, thanks to its capacity to deliver comprehensive virtual ecosystems and embrace boundary-stretching concepts — Charleskeithhaus being one of them. 

As for Charles & Keith, the Singaporean brand has taken the newfound digital realm in its stride. Even during times of metaverse downfall, the label has remained consistent with its tech-savvy roadmap and has proved itself to be shrewd in recognizing the latest buzz, i.e., the current wave of virtual idols and K-pop fanbases.

Amber Park’s Play! Pop! Go! universe is set to make waves among fashion’s tech-savvy crowd. Photo: Play! Pop! Go!

Amber Park’s Play! Pop! Go! Web3 Label Is Bringing The Fun Back Into Fashion

What Happened: Korean-American artist and director Amber Park released her first digital collectible, created in partnership with Polygon, as part of her play Play! Pop! Go! brand on March 10. The physical collection that accompanies the virtual assets — including garments such as printed jackets produced using high-end materials — will be available later this month. In addition to the drop, the artist also created a Play! Pop! Go! immersive gaming experience, Play3 Park, in which visitors can access mini-games, digital closets, virtual shopping experiences, and more.

The Verdict: Celebrating the free-spirited, rebellious nature of adolescence, Park’s new genre-bending brand is backed by the likes of Blackpink’s Jennie Kim and Web3 leaders including Polygon, Chainlink, and Monaverse. 

Widespread hype around the new label has been bubbling for some time due to Park’s reputation and her promise to deliver a sophisticated fashion experience, which encourages consumers to tap into their inner child and explore their digital identities through Play! Pop! Go!’s online playground. 

Cosmetics label Clarins is rolling out its first major Web3 project in a bid to improve its young consumer base. Photo: Clarins

Clarins Is The Latest Beauty Brand To Bring Its Longstanding Legacy To The Metaverse

What Happened: Clarins, one of Europe’s most prestigious skincare brands, has launched its first-ever collection of 325 NFTs alongside immersive augmented reality experiences. Co-created with ALTAVA Group and various influential female digital artists, the launch celebrates the debut of Clarins Precious, the brand’s new luxury skincare range. 

The NFT series, which dropped March 7, was designed to tell Clarins Precious’ story through a series of artworks that transform over time. Each NFT is centered around an hourglass and features unique animations. Polish artist Ada Sokół created four NFTs for the project. 

Clarins Precious also partnered with two leading Web3 female communities, My BFF and Hervisions, in collaboration with luxury metaverse group ALTAVA, to provide exclusive access prior to the launch.

The Verdict: This project is Clarins’ latest attempt to engage Gen Z by establishing a cool online presence. At the same time, the move could encourage more mature consumers to explore the virtual realm. 

The launch is also a great opportunity for the brand to extend its existing offline narrative by utilizing the metaverse’s storytelling potential. Tapping a community as prominent as My BFF demonstrates Clarins’ understanding of how to capture online audiences by teaming up with Web3 leaders.

That’s not to say its entry into the metaverse will be easy. The group is already up against a handful of powerful competitors, such as NYX and Maybelline, which have both performed well in the virtual space. Despite these big ideas, a question mark hangs over whether Clarins can leverage its status and prove itself as a big deal in the virtual world.

Miniso’s digital perfume collectibles drop demonstrates how brands can fail to achieve virality in the Chinaverse. Photo: Baidu

Miniso Targets China’s Netizens With Digital Aroma Collectibles. Has The Project Failed To Take Off Before It’s Truly Begun?

What Happened: Lifestyle store Miniso — together with a number of influential perfumers and fragrance suppliers from around the world, who have created perfumes for the likes of Dior, Jo Malone, Armani, and Gucci — established the Masters Aroma Lab in 2022. To promote the lab’s work, Miniso has launched a 1,000-piece digital collectibles series featuring the Masters Aroma product, which is free for users to claim via delivery service’s platform. 

The Verdict: Miniso is still redeeming itself after its Japanese branding last year irked local consumers. The group recently announced plans for global expansion to bolster its position vis-a-vis competitors. 

A venture like this, which heralds a new direction in the virtual space, is a good opportunity for brands to make their name known worldwide. But upon closer inspection, Miniso’s project seems like a missed opportunity.

While the collaboration is both innovative and visually appealing, its lack of online presence and marketing promotion will likely impact the amount of hype and sales the project generates — making it a great concept with subpar execution.


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