Chanel Leads WeChat Views For Luxury Brands, Followed By Louis Vuitton And Burberry

What Happened: With the highest number of articles on WeChat published in 2022, Chanel recently ranked first in total readership at 3.7 million views, according to an analysis by the social media analytics app iPaiban. Next up was Louis Vuitton at 3.5 million views. While a Chanel WeChat post has an average article viewership between 5,000-100,000, Louis Vuitton’s posts however all exceed 100,000 views each. The third-ranking is Burberry (totaling 3 million views), followed respectively by Hermès, Prada, and Fendi showed iPaiban’s recently released report analyzing the performance of these six major luxury brands on WeChat. 

Chanel,  formerly one of the slowest brands to go digital, was found to be the most active for sharing WeChat posts, totaling 72 posts in 2022. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton posted the least among the brands at only 35 — or less than half, compared to Chanel.


iPaiban’s recently released report analyzing the performance of these six major luxury brands on WeChat. Chanel ranked first in total number of articles published in 2022. Image: iPaiban WeChat screenshot

The Jing Take: WeChat is one of China’s most ubiquitous and potent messaging and social media platforms. By the end of 2022, WeChat had around 1.31 billion monthly users, according to Statista. Considering China’s population of 1.4 billion, nearly all residents have the app downloaded on their phones. This expansive user base and private traffic infrastructure make WeChat an indispensable app for brands to reach a broader consumer audience and establish an intimate circle of interaction. Additionally, the integrated WeChat Pay allows seamless shopping purchases within the app, successfully closing the loop of consumers’ product discovery to the final transaction. 

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Yet knowing how to leverage the app is vital for luxury brands. Many brands are particular on the article push time. For instance, Chanel shares posts at 6 pm, when most people finish their work day; Hermès does it at 9 pm, free time after dinner. Additionally, iPaiban pointed out in the report that last year, the six brands’ Chinese New Year posts — where some gifted users customized virtual red pockets covers — comprised the most-read posts over the course of 2022. As we approach another Chinese New Year, now is the time for brands to reach out to their WeChat followers by sending festive blessings, customized virtual red pocket covers, or other innovative ways of enhancing engagement.

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