Bottega Veneta Opens First Second-Tier Location In Nanjing

Italian Luxury Brand’s First Nanjing Location Is Eighth Retail Outlet In Mainland China

Bottega Veneta's new Nanjing store is located in the city's "Eastern Mall" (东方商城)

Bottega Veneta's new Nanjing store is located in the city's "Eastern Mall" (东方商城)

Bottega Veneta recently announced the grand opening of their first Nanjing location, the Italian brand’s eighth store on the Chinese mainland. The new store, designed by creative director Tomas Maier, is specially outfitted to showcase what the company calls its “dedication to artistry and excellence.” Though the opening of a new location generally isn’t terribly newsworthy in itself, one interesting facet to this story is that it shows how major luxury brands like Bottega Veneta are becoming more confident about venturing into more second-tier cities.

Currently, Bottega Veneta has stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang and Shenzhen — all of which are among the five richest cities in China. The Nanjing store, as the brand’s first foray out of the relative safety of top-tier markets, then is likely a sort of “experiment” before Bottega moves on to other interior cities. Although Nanjing as a city is far from poor, compared to more cosmopolitan markets like Shanghai it is relatively untested as far as luxury retailing is concerned.

According to statements made at the opening of Bottega Veneta’s Nanjing store, company execs don’t seem terribly worried about that. “We are very pleased with our growth in China and enthusiastic about the future,” said Marco Bizzarri, Bottega President and CEO. “The opening of this new store in Nanjing is a significant addition to our presence in the country and underscores our commitment to the brand’s development there.”

One of the features that the company thinks will attract Nanjing’s luxury fans is the store design. Tomas Maier, Bottega Veneta Creative Director, suggested that his inspiration was Nanjing’s distinctive history and culture, and duly outfitted the store in a mixture of traditional Bottega hallmarks, like handcrafted leather door handles, and classic Chinese design cues. “Nanjing has a storied history, a vibrant cultural life, and a central role in the economy of the region,” Maier said. “With the opening of this store, we are finally able to offer Bottega Veneta’s signature shopping experience and outstanding service to our customers in this important city in Eastern China.”