Bloomingdale’s: “The Chinese Visitor Is Very Important To Us”

“We’re Always Here To Welcome Any Visitor From Any Country”

Bloomingdale's Brunch

Celebrating the Lunar New Year in style, Jing Daily correspondents recently attended a private fashion brunch in New York hosted by department store Bloomingdale’s and YUE Magazine. Catered by David Burke, the brunch served a tasting menu of western-inspired dim sum dishes while tourists, expats, students, shoppers, and vendor partners enjoyed informal fashion presentations of the newest looks from Chanel, Miu Miu, and others. Keen on capturing the Chinese market, Bloomingdale’s recently launched a monthlong series of limited edition merchandise, special events and pop-up shops to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Snake.

While Bloomingdale’s does not plan to physically expand into China just yet, the company assured us that it will move full throttle in targeting the Chinese consumer in the US domestic market. Following the brunch, Jing Daily had the opportunity to speak with senior VP of public relations, Anne Keating, about her thoughts on the event, the shopping season, and promotional pushes to come.

Jing Daily (JD): What inspired Bloomingdale’s to hold this event?

Anne Keating (AK): We have very many partners in the community and also people that we work with. In this case, we wanted to host a breakfast, and we felt they could help us in attracting the Chinese community.

JD: How do you think the brunch went so far?

AK: I think it was great. I think David Burke did a phenomenal job giving the different flavors with the Chinese influence and still keeping it a little bit American. It was a really lovely mix of different cultures which is really what Bloomingdale’s is all about.

JD: Has the shopping season been busy around Chinese New Year?

AK: It’s been quite good. We’ve had a number of events throughout the store in a lot of our locations to celebrate the new year, so that’s been very good for us as well as far as driving traffic into the stores.

JD: Can you speak a little bit about other promotions and events you’ll be launching in the future to further appeal to the Chinese market?

AK: I think we’ll be watching the reaction to this event – what people liked and what people had comments about and we’ll just go further because we’re always here to welcome any visitor from any country and the Chinese visitor is very important to us as well as the people in the Chinese community where we have stores.


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