Beyoncé in custom Louis Vuitton, Yume Yume x Avavav memes and more: Trending collabs of the week

Concerts are taking over our news feeds this August, with Travis Scott surprising fans with a Kanye West guest appearance on stage in Rome, and Beyoncé debuting Pharrell Williams‘ first ever custom design for Louis Vuitton.

This week’s Collabs & Drops covered our verdict on the latter, plus the hottest collabs to know, including a toe-tastic collision of the most meme-worthy designers around: Yume Yume and Avavav.

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Beyoncé x Louis Vuitton

beyonce x louis vuitton

Date: July 26

Product: Looks for Detroit stop of Renaissance World Tour

Social Context: The three Louis Vuitton Instagram posts of Beyoncé wearing Louis Vuitton for the Renaissance World Tour has 499,800 likes at the time of writing.

Verdict: Having Pharrell Williams design a custom look for the Renaissance World Tour is great exposure for him as Louis Vuitton’s new creative director. The tour is expected to gross between $275 million and $2.4 billion from ticket sales alone by the final date in September.

However, netizens have expressed contrasting opinions toward Beyoncé’s custom-designed catsuit — some say the designs show how the brand has lost touch with its consumer base. Featuring the luxury brand’s signature Damier check, the pieces for Beyoncé, her daughter Blue Ivy, and backup dancers were entirely made from crystals.

Though the fashion is undeniably exquisite, there is an air of Balmain to these pieces. Perhaps Pharrell plans to bring the bling to Louis Vuitton.

Moncler x Billionaire Boys Club

Date: August 15

Product: Collection

Social Context: On TikTok, Moncler x Billionaire Boys Club has 31.3 million views so far. The Moncler Instagram post has 2,209 likes and 42 comments.

Verdict: An example of two streetwear names from different corners of the subculture combining their expertise. Having rappers No Malice and Pusha T in the campaign demonstrates Moncler and Billionaire Boys Club’s (BBC) ongoing support of the hip-hop community and commitment to authentic streetwear representation.

Due to his role at Louis Vuitton, BBC founder Pharrell Williams is the man of the moment right now, which is definitely going to contribute to the success of the co-branded drop.

Yume Yume x Avavav

The Yume Yume x Avavav sandals. Photo: Yume Yume x Avavav

The Yume Yume x Avavav sandals. Photo: Yume Yume x Avavav

Date: August 15

Product: “Finger Flop” sandals

Social Context: On TikTok, the Yume Yume sandals have 143.9 million views and the hashtag #avavav has 134.1 million views.

Verdict: Whether it’s Avavav’s mega shaggy boots or Yume Yume’s Bratz-like footwear, both brands are known for breaking the internet with unusual shoes. This bizarre combo of the Yume Yume Suki sandal and the Avavav finger boot is meme fashion at its finest.

Novelty shoes such as Mschf’s Big Red Boot are not necessarily made to garner a ton of sales; the priority is marketing exposure. Memes are shareable. Brands like Crocs and Yeezy have proven that otherworldly, ugly footwear has a place in fashion right now. Maybe the Finger Flops will be a hit?


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