Australia’s “Millionaire Visa” Scheme Expected To Attract Wealthy Chinese

New Program Launches On November 24

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Starting at the end of this month, Australia’s new “Significant Investor Visa” program — which is already being called the “Millionaire Visa” scheme — is aimed at wooing wealthy overseas to invest in the country in exchange for Australian residency. All this for the low, low price of A$5 million (US$5.2 million) — far less than the half-million dollar threshold for the U.S. “EB-5” visa program.

As the Wall Street Journal notes this week, Australia’s program stipulates that the $5 million investment must be made in “state and territory Australian government debt, privately owned Australian companies and managed funds that invest in Australian assets regulated by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission for four years.”

Going on, the Journal notes that consultants expect the new program to be highly popular with wealthy Chinese — many of whom have already sent their children abroad for their education, or who are eager to park more assets overseas.


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