Adidas and Bugatti drop super rare football boot with digital twin

As high-low crossovers become commonplace in the collaboration playbook, creating something that feels distinctly new is no simple task.

Adidas, for example, is no stranger to a tie-up or two with a luxury brand — so much so that iconic styles like the Samba and Gazelle have become coveted blank canvases for fashion houses to play with. The sportswear label’s latest partnership with Bugatti merges Web3, football, and automobile-inspired designs in a first-of-its-kind venture, which we dive into below.

In other Web3 news this week, Prada’s new holiday pop-up deploys interactive technology, immersing shoppers in the “Pradaverse,” while move-to-earn Web3 app Stepn taps musician Steve Aoki’s digital ecosystem, coined A0K1VERSE, for a new virtual sneaker project.

Adidas has teamed up with Bugatti on a new Web3-powered football boot. Photo: Adidas

Adidas x Bugatti team up on a Web3-enabled, limited-edition football boot

What happened: Adidas has joined forces with luxury automobile giant Bugatti to design a super rare collection of football boots, dubbed the adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti. The 99 pairs of shoes will be available to purchase from the adidas Collect Web3 platform via an auction, which will run from November 8 to 11.

Auction winners will receive an exclusive digital shoebox, which can be redeemed for both the physical pair and its digital twin. The boots are also due to be unveiled on the pitch for the first time by Rafael Leao and Karim Benzema this month.

Why it matters: Collaborations between industry titans like Adidas and Bugatti offer a compelling intersection of worlds that seem poles apart. And with both Adidas and Bugatti having already fostered a loyal fanbase through Web3, the project will no doubt resonate with digital-native collectors.

Each boot features a carbon fiber inlay, designed to replicate the carbon fiber used in Bugatti cars, demonstrating how brands can use their identity to create a unique synergy that appeals to fashion-forward consumers.

Prada’s new seasonal pop-up immerses consumers in the “Pradaverse.” Photo: L’Oréal

Prada unveils new holiday-inspired immersive retail experience 

What happened: In partnership with The Shilla Duty Free Singapore and Changi Airport Group, Prada Beauty is celebrating the holiday season with its new Prada Holiday Gift Factory, running in Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 1 from October 14 to November 23.

Merging IRL with digital activations, visitors can scan a QR Code to enter the Pradaverse, experience the Prada Gift Factory through virtual filters, and engage with the brand’s motion-sensored display screens to explore the olfactory story of the Paradoxe fragrance.

Why it matters: Immersive pop-ups have created a stir across the beauty arena this year as more contenders amp up their personalization and experiential efforts. Emerging tech like augmented reality is making this happen. With Web3, Prada is shaking up the retail status quo and revitalizing stale store experiences to ultimately drive up sales.

Leading move-to-earn Web3 app Stepn tapped musician Steve Aoki for its latest project. Photo: Stepn

Stepn teams up with Steve Aoki on digital sneaker drop

What happened: Move-to-earn Web3 app Stepn is diving into the A0K1VERSE ecosystem, the Web3 community spearheaded by musician Steve Aoki, to create a new line of digital sneakers. The 300-piece Genesis Sneakers collection, which debuted on the MOOAR platform on October 31, features four co-branded designs with Steve Aoki. The shoes were available via raffle on the Solana blockchain.

Why it matters: The project signals Stepn’s expansion from lifestyle application to full-fledged sneaker IP in the metaverse. Bridging new communities with widely recognized tastemakers like Steve Aoki is one way to bolster its Web3 presence and climb up the popularity ladder. Response to the project, however, has been mixed, with Web3 denizens expressing their concerns that “whales,” or large Web3 traders, could monopolize the raffle system used in the drop.


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