Will These be China’s Hottest Summer Handbags?

China’s handbag market is nearly three times as lucrative as its next largest global counterpart—a whopping $37,571 million volume as compared to the $13,317 million of the second-place U.S market, according to data by Statista.

Jing Daily previously reported on a data survey done by RBC Europe that revealed China’s most desired handbag brands of 2018. The study showed that 20 percent of respondents planned to buy a new handbag from Chanel, followed by Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Dior.

Following the first season of collections since the report, these top brands are now fighting for a spot on the Chinese fashionista’s arm. Only time will tell which brands will turn a profit with these latest creations, but here Jing Daily examines the summer offerings from these most coveted luxury labels:

Chanel's Gabrielle Hobo Bag. Photo: Chanel website

Chanel’s Gabrielle Hobo Bag. Photo: Chanel website

1. Chanel (20 percent with intention to purchase a Chanel bag)

Chanel’s latest collection features a pleasing contrast of colors and fabrics, a trend that’s sure to appease China’s young luxury consumers. Pastel tones commingle with flashes of vibrant color, and soft, embroidered tweed bags work comfortably next to handbags made of bright, transparent plastics. This combination of heritage and modernity will likely resonate with China’s millennials, who demand both exceptional quality, and unique, innovative designs.

One of the bags on offer is the Chanel Gabrielle hobo bag ($5000USD), which has trended on Chinese social media site Weibo. Popular Chinese actress Liu Shishi carried the bag when attending Chanel’s 2018 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Show, which created a huge buzz online.

Guccy medium backpack. Photo: Gucci website

Guccy medium backpack. Photo: Gucci website

2. Gucci (16 percent with intention to purchase for a Gucci bag)

Gucci’s summer 2018 fashion line also looked to blend classic with cutting-edge, showing their high-end Gucci standards alongside a collection of street-inspired track jackets. For its bags, Gucci introduced its new ‘Guccy’ print, with a logo inspired by the vintage SEGA video game logo. The ‘Guccy’ backpack retails at $1980USD. Edgy, urban streetwear is popular with young Chinese consumers, and Gucci looks to further broaden its reach in the country with this latest collection.

The Italian luxury retailer’s digital presence has been key in boosting the brand’s visibility in China. Brand ambassador, Chinese actress Ni Ni, attended the Gucci Cruise 2019 this past May with Gucci’s new Sylvie small shoulder bag in her hand. She also posted a series of photos of her with the bag on Weibo.

Gucci’s official Weibo account posted a series of pictures with Chinese actress Yang Mi holding handbags from their latest collection in various colors.

The Hermès 2002 bag. Photo: Hermès

The Hermès 2002 bag. Photo: Hermès

3. Hermes (12 percent with intention to purchase for a Hermes bag)

The latest collection by Hermes features “the 2002 Hermes bag, projected into the future.” It’s a playful spin on a classic design, something that’s proven to resonate with young Chinese consumers – at a hefty price tag of $10,200USD. The light, versatile bucket bag leads a collection of vibrant summer Hermes accessories.

Hermes’ bags have gathered a lot of attention on Chinese social media, with thousands of posts popping up on Weibo featuring Chinese shoppers proudly showing off their new purchases. The new 2018 Licol Bag, in particular, has achieved an overwhelmingly positive response.

Prada wicker bag. Photo: Prada website

Prada wicker bag. Photo: Prada website

4.  Prada (nine percent with intention to purchase for a Prada bag)

In support of both feminism and femininity, Prada collaborated with eight women artists—Brigid Elva, Joëlle Jones, Stellar Leuna, Giuliana Maldini, Natsume Ono, Emma Ríos, Trina Robbins and Fiona Staples—for their 2018 summer handbag line. Depictions of female faces by the artists grace each bag, resulting in an edgy-looking collection that makes a social statement—a consideration that’s beginning to influence the purchasing decisions of many Chinese millennials.

Chinese actress Chen Ran attended Vogue Film in Shanghai with a handbag from this line (the Prada Elektra, $2350USD), and a picture posted on Prada’s official Weibo prompted one user to comment, “Where can I get this bag? Simply, I need it.”

Louis Vuitton Chain It Bag. Photo: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Chain It Bag. Photo: Louis Vuitton

5. Louis Vuitton  (eight percent with intention to purchase for a Louis Vuitton bag)

Another brand combining past and future is Louis Vuitton, who’s summer handbag collection blends vintage design with sci-fi elements. Likely to be wildly popular with the Chinese market, LV’s rebellious “Chain It” bag ($2590USD) headlines this collection alongside the classic, monogrammed Louis Vuitton items that Chinese consumers have always embraced.

The brand’s presence in China is showing no signs of shrinkage, as it continues to expand online with additional posts on both WeChat and Weibo. Louis Vuitton’s official accounts recently featured photos of many Chinese celebrities carrying their handbags at the LV 2019 Spring fashion show, including the singer Yang Cheng Lin and the actor Jing Boran.

Dior mini J’adior bag (price available on request). Photo: Dior website

6. Dior (eight percent with intention to purchase for a Dior bag)

Known for their classic handbag designs, Dior has certainly branched out this summer with their 2018 collection. The embellished bags feature intricate design work—studs, jewels, black patent-leather and bohemian-style fringing—in an overt attempt to target a younger, more adventurous market.

Dior’s popularity continues to rise in China with the help of Chinese brand ambassadors. The Chinese actor and model Huang Jingyu modeled for the brand’s upcoming Fall/Winter 2018 menswear series with a black Dior backpack. Dior posted the image to their Weibo last week to a massive response.