Hong Kong Retailer I.T Brings Popular Fashion Festival To Shanghai

i.t. One Of China’s Most Successful Multi-Brand Retailers

The i.t Festival at Raffles City in Shanghai

The i.t Festival at Raffles City in Shanghai

Holding the distinction, along with Joyce, as being one of Hong Kong’s most successful and influential multi-brand retailers, since 1988 the fashion group I.T has collected and presented some of the world’s most interesting designers to Chinese fashion lovers via its four retail groups: I.T, i.t, ETE and double-park. In addition to selling “home brands” like b+ab (previously on Jing Daily), 5cm, Fingercroxx, Katie Judith, Vanilla Suite and others, the I.T group also serves as international agent for international brands like KENZO, A Bathing Ape (BAPE), Comme des Garcons and French Connection.

After recently wrapping its popular i.t Festival at Hong Kong’s Festival Walk, this past weekend the I.T Group brought the event to Raffles City shopping mall in Shanghai. Designed to present the latest in Hong Kong and international fashion, the event incorporated interactive displays and technology to create a high-end flea market vibe, one that attracted many of the city’s top fashion bloggers and taste-makers. Brands involved in the festival included Britain’s French Connection, the I.T Group’s own Izzue and b+ab, and a selection of streetwear-focused labels from the i.t retail chain

At the festival, one of the top draws was a virtual wardrobe game, presented on a set of iPads. After signing up for “festival passes,” attendees were given access to i.t’s “virtual fitting room” and “play cool photo studio.” After having their photos taken in the photo studio, players could then “try on” different outfits using an iPad or one of the plasma TVs in the virtual fitting room, customize the background and print out their favorite virtual outfit, as well as an “i.t Festival Coupon” which they could take to their nearest I.T location to purchase their favorite virtual outfit in real life.

The "Play Cool Photo Studio"

The “Play Cool Photo Studio”

Attendees could print their "virtual outfits" at the photo studio

Attendees could print their “virtual outfits” at the photo studio

The "Play Cool Photo Studio" was a hit among visitors

The “Play Cool Photo Studio” was a hit among visitors

I.T's event tents fit with the group's black-and-white aesthetic

I.T’s event tents fit with the group’s black-and-white aesthetic



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