Tmall shoppers may soon be able to buy a Jaguar online thanks to Alibaba's new deal with Yongda Auto (Shutterstock)

China’s Auto E-Commerce Market Accelerates Despite Slowing Car Sales

As China's auto sales hit a speed bump, more dealers are heading online in hope of boosting growth.
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Alibaba Continues Premium Push for Tmall with Investment

Tmall's attempts to sign on international luxury brands have met with limited success, but a new Mei...
Net-a-Porter's Chinese-language site.

What Yoox and Net-a-Porter’s Merger Means for China’s Luxury E-Commerce Market

The deal struck between the two luxury e-tailers has one eye on China, but the Chinese market remain...
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Louis Vuitton Price-Hike Rumors Help China’s E-Tailers Cash In

Rumors of a looming Louis Vuitton price hike have online sellers scrambling to convince customers th...
A Valentine's Day ad on Chinese luxury shopping site ShangPin. (ShangPin)

From Alipay To COD: How To Successfully Navigate China’s E-Commerce Payment Options

Breaking into the China e-commerce market can be tricky for luxury brands—especially setting up pa...

2014: The Year Of Individualism For China’s Luxury Consumers

China's luxury consumers are increasingly trying to stand out from their peers this year, but think ...