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From Vintages To Vineyards, Chinese Investors Create World’s Next ‘Wine Superpower’

Vineyards across the world in areas such as France, Chile, Australia, and more are seeing massive benefits not only from China's avid wine drinkers, but also from its investors.

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Kering invites a Shanghai reporter to its headquarters and releases a PR video. (Kering)

Video: Kering Steps Up Its PR Game In China

The luxury conglomerate sends a Chinese reporter to Europe as it promotes the company to potential Chinese employees.

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Are Chinese Ad Agencies Behind The Curve When It Comes To Creativity?

According to one expert, China's "micro-managed" ad industry is struggling to keep up with the likes of Japan or Australia when it comes to producing award-winning campaigns.

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How Brands Can Earn The Trust Of China’s Ultra-Wary Consumers

China's counterfeiting problems have left consumers' trust in brands at a dismal low, but experts say there are several steps companies can take to cope with this environment.

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Are TV Ads Still Relevant In China?

In an era of free downloads, social media, and mobile content, experts are asking if old-fashioned television is still an effective marketing platform.

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