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A "Michael Kors" bag available on Taobao which the seller claims is a daigou item.

As Chinese Demand for Fakes Goes Down, Scams Go Up

A new survey finds that China's rampant online counterfeit goods sales aren't always voluntary as some buyers think they're getting the real deal.

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‘The Luxury Destination for Asian Fashionistas’: LuisaViaRoma Ups China E-Tail Game

The Italian luxury retailer taps into Chinese bloggers, celebrities, and social media to boost its presence in China's e-commerce market.

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Interview: LuxTNT Brings Chanel And McQueen To China’s Fashionistas On A Budget

Part Rent the Runway and part Netflix for fashion, LuxTNT is taking China's luxury industry by storm with its affordable rental model.

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Dalian Wanda Heats Up China’s Online Payment Race

China's online payment market just got more competitive with a new investment by China's top commercial developer.

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In a photo making the rounds on Weibo, a store window display stands empty at a Cartier store in Russia that was cleared out as Chinese daigou agents take advantage of cheap luxury prices.

Will Daigou Die In 2015?

Russia's troubled ruble shows that the practice of selling luxury goods purchased abroad to avoid tariffs is alive and well in China, but sellers may have some competition in the year ahead.

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