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Tmall Kicks Off Luxury Channel With Star-Studded Launch in Shanghai

After Alibaba's investment in, Tmall ups its luxury offerings with a new luxury channel managed by the flash sales site.

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Daigou items listed on Instagram.

5 Ways China’s Daigou Market Does More Harm than Good for Luxury Brands

While China's online luxury gray market may lead to high global sales in the short-term, daigou sellers are bad news for any brand working to preserve its reputation in the long run.

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3 Key Ways Luxury Brands Can Fight China’s Online Counterfeits

As counterfeits sold online remain one of the toughest issues facing luxury brands in China, Jing Daily's new report details several effective ways to fight back against this market.

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China's Online Gray Market and Counterfeits Cover_620X414

Jing Daily Launches New Report: China’s Online Gray Market and Counterfeits

As the online sale of gray-market and counterfeit items remains a critical issue for the luxury industry, Jing Daily's report details what brands need to know (and do).

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NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 17:  A model walks the runway wearing Chi Zhang at the JD Fashion Runway Show at Pier 59 Studios on February 17, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Albert Urso/Getty Images for JD) Wants to Become Key Gateway to China for U.S. Fashion Brands

As international e-commerce takes off in China, e-tail giant's New York Fashion Week show was aimed at convincing American brands to join its newly launched "U.S. Fashion Mall."

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