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Alibaba Learns it Can’t Take the Easy Way Out to Earn Legitimacy When it Comes to Counterfeits

E-commerce giant Alibaba's expulsion from the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition after a conflict of interest controversy shows that it still has work to do to convince brands it's for real in fighting fakes.

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Luxury Brands Still Aren’t Convinced Alibaba Can Crack Down on Counterfeits

As members of the world's largest anti-counterfeiting organization revolt over Alibaba being allowed to join, it's clear that the e-commerce giant has some work to do to convince them it's doing enough to fight fakes.

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China’s Digital Luxury Leaders for 2016: Chow Tai Fook and Burberry Lead the Pack

A new report by L2 ranks 107 global luxury brands for their digital prowess in the China market.

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A chart by McKinsey detailing survey results on WeChat usage for shopping in China. (McKinsey)

China’s Mobile Shoppers Make More ‘Impulse’ Buys on WeChat

As the rate of WeChat users who shop over the app doubles, "impulse-driven" categories are seeing the biggest growth.

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JD and Penfolds and Penfolds Bet Big on Future of China’s Fine Wine E-Commerce Market

The e-commerce giant expands its partnership with Penfolds as more Chinese wine connoisseurs head to online shops to avoid counterfeits.

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