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A fake Louis Vuitton belt for sale on Taobao.

Louis Vuitton Takes Fight Against China’s Online Fakes to Beijing Court

As luxury labels continue to grapple with fakes on Taobao, Louis Vuitton opts to go after the sellers directly with a new lawsuit filed in Beijing.

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Cartier's Chinese online shop.

Luxury Watch and Jewelry Brands Jump on China E-Commerce Bandwagon

Brands like Cartier and Piaget are opening up e-commerce sites in a bet that China's luxury shoppers will be willing to pay for big-ticket pieces online.

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Clarins' Tmall store.

5 China Digital Luxury Marketing Trends to Watch for 2016

Expert panel discussions at Luxury Society's recent Digital Luxury Keynote event in Shanghai revealed key developments in social media, e-commerce, and more over the past year.

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Chinese fashion e-commerce site Anyshopstyle.

Ask Hung Huang | Luxury E-Commerce in China Explained

For this week's Q&A column, Hung Huang answers readers' questions about what China's massive e-commerce boom means for luxury and fashion.

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WeChat Payment Goes Global: What Brands Need to Know

As WeChat Payment becomes available in a growing number of countries, it's not just UnionPay that businesses will need to make available to Chinese travelers.

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