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China's "essayist" luxury consumer frequent desires new experiences, and are just as eager to share them. (UM)

How To Engage China’s Traveling ‘Essayist’ Luxury Consumers

A new report by Universal McCann finds that global Chinese luxury consumers are eager to both seek out new experiences and share them online.

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China’s VIP Fans Jet Across Globe For Luxury Sports Experiences

In response to Chinese travelers' growing interest in "experiential destinations," a newly launched China company offers special VIP excursions to the world's top sporting events.

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A recent study by China Travel Academy reveals which countries left Chinese tourists satisfied, and which didn't. (Flickr/Trey Ratcliff)

New Zealand And United States Are Best At Making Chinese Tourists Happy

A Chinese government survey of Chinese travelers asking which countries left them the most satisfied with their visits finds that New Zealand and the United States top the list.

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How Qunar’s CEO Built China’s Largest Travel Booking Site From Scratch

“In China, you can be the all-star player because there is a lot of infrastructure shortage,” says the CEO and founder of the "Kayak of China."

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A beach in Thailand, a popular destination for Chinese tourists. (Flickr/Jens-Petter Salvesen)

Chinese Tourists To Take Up One-Fifth Of Global Travel Spending In Next Decade

Chinese tourists are already a main driving force in the world travel industry, but that role is only expected to rise in the coming years.

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