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From Vintages To Vineyards, Chinese Investors Create World’s Next ‘Wine Superpower’

Vineyards across the world in areas such as France, Chile, Australia, and more are seeing massive benefits not only from China's avid wine drinkers, but also from its investors.

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China's "expensive" wine consumption skyrocketed from 2008 to 2012. (Flickr/aidanmorgan)

China’s ‘Expensive’ Wine Sales Shot Up 430 Percent In 5 Years

A new Vinexpo report finds that China's wine market growth has skyrocketed to make Chinese drinkers the second biggest group of high-priced wine consumers.

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The banquet hall of Starwood's Westin Tianjin. Shark fin soup, a Chinese banquet staple, will no longer be served at Westin locations. (Flickr/Westin Hotels and Resorts)

Starwood To Ban Shark Fin At Its Hotels and Restaurants Worldwide

The owner of Westin and Sheraton joins a growing number of companies in Asia eschewing the controversial high-end Chinese banquet dish.

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Chinese wine e-tailer's fundraising success comes in the light of China's booming wine retail industry. (Jiuxian)

China’s Gigantic Wine Market Goes Digital

Despite experts' skepticism that wine e-commerce sites would ever succeed, China defies expectations with almost a third of its wine sales taking place online.

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Why China’s Top Spirit Isn’t Just For Bureaucrats Anymore

Baijiu producer Moutai just posted a massive decline in annual sales growth, but claims it's in the midst of a comeback thanks to a rising number of non-government buyers.

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