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Fashionbi CEO: Why China Is Top Digital Marketing Hot Spot

"From bricks to clicks, the multi-channel experience is becoming the driver of growth," says Fashionbi CEO Simone Lovati in an interview with Jing Daily on the role of digital marketing in China's fashion industry.

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With Upscale Taste For Beer On The Rise, Beijing Kicks Off 2013 Craft Beer Fest

Ahead of this weekend's Beijing Craft Beer Festival, Jing Daily talks to one of the organizers about Chinese beer consumption and the growing popularity of craft beer among locals.

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China In Detroit, Part 2: A Conversation With David Cole

The Chinese presence in the U.S. auto industry is all about "obtaining industrial know-how," says the chairman of AutoHarvest in an interview with Jing Daily.

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A scene from Monkey: Journey to the West.

The Monkey King Hits NYC: A Conversation With Director Chen Shi-zheng

Jing Daily interviews the director of "Monkey: Journey to the West," a musical adaptation of one of China's most well-known classic tales that will open soon at Lincoln Center.

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Brands such as Chanel and L'Oreal have featured promotions using stars such as Li Yuchun (pictured above) in order to appeal to China's younger generation.

Chris Olshan: Why “Gen Y” Is Driving Global Luxury

The luxury marketer makes a case for the growing importance of the often-misunderstood younger consumer.

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