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Jumping The Queue: Social Recommendation Evolves In China

As China's consumers become savvier by the year, long store lines and huge social media followings alone won't cut it to earn their approval.

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Warhol’s Work Takes China By Storm

Andy Warhol is popping up everywhere in China these days thanks to a growing popularity at auctions and greater exposure to his work through several exhibitions.

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The Grandmaster’s Tony Leung Sheds Light On Wong Kar-wai’s ‘Adventurous’ Methods

At a New York press conference to promote the new Wong Kar-wai film, Leung described what it was like to play the legendary Ip Man under Wong's famously eccentric directing style.

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A vineyard in France's Bordeaux region. (Comité Régional de Tourisme d'Aquitaine
Cité Mondiale)

For Now, China Is All Talk On Luxury Tariffs In EU Trade Spat

With discussion of a looming trade war between China and the European Union, Chinese threats to slap tariffs on luxury goods don't seem to be coming to fruition for the time being.

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Contemporary Chinese Art Looms Large in Sotheby’s London Lineup

For the auction house's upcoming June 26 and 27 London sales, several big-ticket and emerging Chinese artists are expected to attract both international and Chinese buyers.

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