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Good News For Gucci And Prada: Italy Eases Chinese Tourist Visa Restrictions

Italy joins a growing number of countries throughout the world announcing new policies to make it easier for Chinese travelers to visit and spend.

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Foreign carmakers have to enter into local partnerships to do business in China, and a columnist thinks these alliances will not endure. (Reuters)

Infographic: The Uncertain Future Of Auto Joint Ventures In China

Will foreign automakers in China ever be allowed to operate free of a joint venture, or will they be kicked out of the country altogether someday?

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The Chinese government announces that it might tax business jets as luxury, and the private aviation industry cries foul. (AsiaJet)

Private Jet Brands Deny ‘Luxury’ Label In Fear Of China Tax Hike

In response to the possibility of a new luxury tax, private aviation companies are calling non-commercial jets "a very normal means of transportation."

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Will China Ever Have Its Own Bill Gates?

The world's richest man calls on China's wealthy to become more charitable—but for now, they have a long way to go.

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Wine, Wool, And Gambling: Australian Industries Pin Hopes On China Free-Trade Talks

An array of Australian luxury-oriented industries are waiting with anticipation to see what an Australian trade mission to China will accomplish this week.

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