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China’s Millionaire Ranks Rise By 3.8 Percent

Despite China's continuing slowdown, a new report finds that the country's millionaire growth rate is on its way back up this year.

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Video: How Brands Can Reach China’s 320 Million Working Moms

Marketing experts weigh in on the concerns, hopes, and dreams of China's next generation of new moms.

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Video: The ‘Golden Rice Bowl’ Dwindles For Chinese Officials

As perks like luxury cars and special "work" trips decline for Chinese officials, more graduates are opting for private sector employment.

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Christie’s Courts Wealthy Mainland Collectors With Year Of The Horse China Exhibit

The auction giant celebrates the establishment of its Shanghai center with a planned exhibition to honor this year's zodiac animal.

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Glamour Sales

Video: China’s Luxury Market Shifts From ‘In The Show’ To ‘In The Know’

The CEO of flash sales site Glamour Sales discusses why Chinese luxury consumer habits are rapidly evolving.

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