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Why is Luxury Slowing in China Despite a Million New Millionaires?

China's luxury market may be in slowdown mode, but a new report finds that its wealthy population is still expanding rapidly.

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Beijing's Shin Kong Place mall. (Jing Daily)

Why China’s Luxury Shoppers Buy Abroad: it’s Not Just About Price

A new survey finds that 64 percent of Chinese luxury shoppers are opting to buy abroad instead of at home, but China's high tariffs aren't the only reason.

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The International Luxury Conference 2015 in Seoul, South Korea on May 20-21. (Courtesy Photo)

5 Key Ways Luxury Can Adapt to How Chinese Consumers Shop Now

Digital developments, traveling Chinese shoppers, and millennials' preferences were among the crucial luxury marketing trends discussed at the recent International Luxury Conference 2015 in Seoul.

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A daigou seller was recently caught trying to smuggle five Prada bags into China, but can the government crack down on a mass scale? (Shutterstock)

Is China Really Cracking Down on ‘Luxury Smuggling’?

The recent bust of a luxury smuggler in Ningbo has brands wondering if the Chinese government will crack down harder on the country's booming gray market.

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According to Millward Brown, Prada's "brand value" slump was due in large part to its performance in China over the past year. (Jing Daily)

What’s Behind Luxury’s ‘Brand Value’ Slump in China

A new report on the world's most valuable brands finds that luxury is in a slump thanks to China's luxury slowdown and a re-definition of what "luxury" means to many consumers.

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