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A recent appraisal event in Beijing hosted by secondhand luxury goods site Secoo

China’s Luxury Consumers Demand The Real Deal With Appraisal Services

Thriving sales of secondhand and gray-market luxury goods in China mean more consumers are seeking services to find out if that bag they got off Taobao is worth what they paid for it.

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Thoughtful China

3 Ways To Reinvent Your Agency In China’s Digital-Driven Market

The rapidly growing importance of digital marketing in China means it's time for the country's marketing agencies to shift gears if they want to keep up.

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The Ultimate Status Symbol For China’s Millionaires: Leaving The Country

A new Barclays survey finds that almost half of China's ultra-wealthy individuals hope to move abroad in the next five years in search of educational and investment opportunities.

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China’s Millionaire Ranks Rise By 3.8 Percent

Despite China's continuing slowdown, a new report finds that the country's millionaire growth rate is on its way back up this year.

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Video: How Brands Can Reach China’s 320 Million Working Moms

Marketing experts weigh in on the concerns, hopes, and dreams of China's next generation of new moms.

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