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Chinese wine e-tailer's fundraising success comes in the light of China's booming wine retail industry. (Jiuxian)

China’s Gigantic Wine Market Goes Digital

Despite experts' skepticism that wine e-commerce sites would ever succeed, China defies expectations with almost a third of its wine sales taking place online.

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Wine, Wool, And Gambling: Australian Industries Pin Hopes On China Free-Trade Talks

An array of Australian luxury-oriented industries are waiting with anticipation to see what an Australian trade mission to China will accomplish this week.

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Zhang Xiaogang Smashes World Record With $12.1 Million Sotheby’s Sale

A new record for the artist at auction demonstrates the rising momentum of Chinese contemporary art as new Chinese collectors enter the market.

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A recent ad for British department store House of Fraser, which is set to be acquired by Chinese company (House of Fraser)

From Retail To Yachts, Chinese Investors Set Sights On Storied British Brands

A new acquisition of 165-year-old British department store House of Fraser by a Chinese company is the latest in a string of buys of big British fashion and luxury brands.

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Even if one is in the afterlife, one is now able to still keep with the latest tech trends, and receive an IPhone or iPad. (

iPhone And Louis Vuitton Replicas A Hit For Dead Ancestors On China’s Tomb Sweeping Day

Traditional paper offerings for families to venerate their ancestors during China's upcoming Qingming Festival take on a modern makeover, with iPhones, luxury handbags, and villas available to honor the dead.

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