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Digital Luxury Group Acquires Luxury Society

“Luxury brands, retailers and financial institutions are in need of actionable insights allowing them to make the right decisions and improve their competitiveness,” says Digital Luxury Group's CEO on the acquisition.

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Kering invites a Shanghai reporter to its headquarters and releases a PR video. (Kering)

Video: Kering Steps Up Its PR Game In China

The luxury conglomerate sends a Chinese reporter to Europe as it promotes the company to potential Chinese employees.

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The Chinese government announces that it might tax business jets as luxury, and the private aviation industry cries foul. (AsiaJet)

Private Jet Brands Deny ‘Luxury’ Label In Fear Of China Tax Hike

In response to the possibility of a new luxury tax, private aviation companies are calling non-commercial jets "a very normal means of transportation."

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Luxury brands are crossing over into other products, and offering branded furniture, phones, and even restaurants. (Flickr/paulamarttila)

Gucci Pastries, Porsche Phones: Luxury Brands Expand Portfolios To Fend Off China Slowdown

Brands known for high-end bags, cars, or jewelry are increasingly putting their names on a wide range of new ventures in China as they search for the next big source of growth.

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Why Shanghai’s Glitzy Bund Is Losing Its Luster For Luxury Retailers

The historic area was originally a prime destination for luxury brands, but many are now closing their Bund boutiques in search of Shanghai's chic new hotspots.

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