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When Should Brands Use Chinese Culture In Social Media Campaigns?

From Chinese-language puns to Chinese humor, many global companies have tapped into local culture to create successful viral sensations on social media.

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Bling Dynasty

‘Bling Dynasty’ Author Erwan Rambourg Tells Why The Reign Of China’s Luxury Shoppers Has Just Begun

According to a new book, China's current luxury slowdown won't stop Chinese consumers from dominating the global market over the next decade.

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Xi'an is set to be a popular travel spot for Beijingers during the APEC Summit. (Shutterstock)

APEC Summit Set To Bring Second Fall ‘Golden Week’ Travel Period

In hopes of keeping traffic and smog low for Beijing-bound world leaders, the Chinese government is encouraging the city's residents to take a six-day vacation during the global forum.

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84 Percent Of Chinese Luxury Consumers Have High Hopes For Made-In-China Chic

While European brands dominate China's luxury market, many Chinese consumers have faith that homegrown labels will catch up in the coming years.

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Building Against Reality: How Retail Brands Can Navigate China’s Real Estate Inefficiencies

High rent prices and powerful landlords make China a challenging retail environment, but there are several key strategies brands can take to achieve their growth goals.

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