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According to one communications agency, Chinese consumers are more likely to search for brands online than those from anywhere else in the world. (Shutterstock)

No One Tops Chinese Consumers In Thirst For Brand Knowledge

Research by media agency Universal McCann finds that Chinese consumers are the world's most "curious" when it comes to learning about brands.

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Want To Attract More Chinese Tourists? Target Their Media.

As Chinese travelers head abroad in record numbers, it's crucial for businesses hoping to attract them to get a grasp on what they're reading when they plan their trips.

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Chinese Travel Media

Live Webinar | Chinese Travel Media: Navigating The Landscape

Join Jing Daily and China Luxury Advisors on April 23 for an in-depth training session on creating an effective media strategy to reach the outbound Chinese traveler.

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Kering invites a Shanghai reporter to its headquarters and releases a PR video. (Kering)

Video: Kering Steps Up Its PR Game In China

The luxury conglomerate sends a Chinese reporter to Europe as it promotes the company to potential Chinese employees.

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Are Chinese Ad Agencies Behind The Curve When It Comes To Creativity?

According to one expert, China's "micro-managed" ad industry is struggling to keep up with the likes of Japan or Australia when it comes to producing award-winning campaigns.

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