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Luxury brands are crossing over into other products, and offering branded furniture, phones, and even restaurants. (Flickr/paulamarttila)

Gucci Pastries, Porsche Phones: Luxury Brands Expand Portfolios To Fend Off China Slowdown

Brands known for high-end bags, cars, or jewelry are increasingly putting their names on a wide range of new ventures in China as they search for the next big source of growth.

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"Daigou" merchants are popping up everywhere to take advantage of China's e-commerce boom. (Gucci)

China’s Sketchy ‘Daigou’ Luxury Market Is A Hotbed For Fakes

A recent Chinese article states that many low-tax luxury items ostensibly bought abroad to sell on the mainland may actually be domestic counterfeits.

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Even if one is in the afterlife, one is now able to still keep with the latest tech trends, and receive an IPhone or iPad. (

iPhone And Louis Vuitton Replicas A Hit For Dead Ancestors On China’s Tomb Sweeping Day

Traditional paper offerings for families to venerate their ancestors during China's upcoming Qingming Festival take on a modern makeover, with iPhones, luxury handbags, and villas available to honor the dead.

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Will the "wealthy third generation" inherit the bad reputations of their "wealthy second generation" parents? (Weibo/上课别卖萌丶mo)

Preparing For China’s ‘Fusandai’: Will Third-Generation Heirs Take After Wealthy Parents?

Members of China's infamous "wealthy second generation" are having children, and the media has started speculating over what these "wealthy third-generation" children might inherit.

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China’s Unstoppable Gold-Buying ‘Aunties’ Move Onto Bitcoins

According to Chinese media, the middle-aged women who shot into limelight for buying up gold in China are now eyeing the digital currency for their next big investment.

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