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Kering Forecasts ‘Improving Trends’ For Luxury On Mainland

The luxury conglomerate's first-quarter financial report shows a hint of optimism for China this year despite the ongoing anti-corruption campaign.

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Why China’s Luxury Slowdown Hasn’t Stopped Price Hikes

Brands like Cartier and Ferragamo aren't skipping China for their annual price increases despite the luxury market's slowing growth.

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China's "essayist" luxury consumer frequent desires new experiences, and are just as eager to share them. (UM)

How To Engage China’s Traveling ‘Essayist’ Luxury Consumers

A new report by Universal McCann finds that global Chinese luxury consumers are eager to both seek out new experiences and share them online.

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China Consumption Trends

9 Key Ways Chinese Consumer Habits Are Rapidly Changing Right Before Our Eyes

A new study of the year's top Chinese consumer trends finds that the rise of individualism, work-life balance, and mobile can't be ignored when it comes to a strong China marketing strategy.

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Luxury brands are crossing over into other products, and offering branded furniture, phones, and even restaurants. (Flickr/paulamarttila)

Gucci Pastries, Porsche Phones: Luxury Brands Expand Portfolios To Fend Off China Slowdown

Brands known for high-end bags, cars, or jewelry are increasingly putting their names on a wide range of new ventures in China as they search for the next big source of growth.

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