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The Venetian, Macau, is the largest casino in the world and sees tons of Chinese travelers during Golden Weeks. (Shutterstock)

May 1 ‘Mini Golden Week’ Prompts Scramble For Retail Stocks

With retail sales expected to soar during the upcoming three-day holiday, China's investors are rushing to buy shopping- and tourism-related stocks.

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China’s ‘Mass Affluent’ Population Set To Reach 14 Million By End Of Year

China may have more than 1 million millionaires, but that's nothing compared to the size of its enormous and rapidly expanding upper-middle class population.

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From Vintages To Vineyards, Chinese Investors Create World’s Next ‘Wine Superpower’

Vineyards across the world in areas such as France, Chile, Australia, and more are seeing massive benefits not only from China's avid wine drinkers, but also from its investors.

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Digital Luxury Group Acquires Luxury Society

“Luxury brands, retailers and financial institutions are in need of actionable insights allowing them to make the right decisions and improve their competitiveness,” says Digital Luxury Group's CEO on the acquisition.

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Chinese wine e-tailer's fundraising success comes in the light of China's booming wine retail industry. (Jiuxian)

China’s Gigantic Wine Market Goes Digital

Despite experts' skepticism that wine e-commerce sites would ever succeed, China defies expectations with almost a third of its wine sales taking place online.

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