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Serving China’s Global Luxury Consumer No Small Task

As the number of Chinese travelers headed abroad climbs at a rapid pace, Jing Daily and China Luxury Advisors present a new report on how to serve this vital consumer segment.

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Beats the tour bus: Hertz offers rentals of the Ferrari California, F430 and other luxury models in the United States. (Ferrari)

Beyond the Bus: Chinese Tourists Control Itinerary With Car Rentals

No longer content to sightsee from the bus, more and more Chinese tourists are taking control of their itinerary and renting cars at their destination.

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Ctrip is currently China's top online booking site. (Ctrip)

From Ctrip To Storefront: How To Entice The Chinese Traveler Who Books Online

Independent Chinese travelers reserving their trips through an online portal are on the rise, and the strategies for attracting them are different from those who book through tour groups or travel age...

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How To Woo The Independent Chinese Traveler: Family And Friends Play Key Role

To attract independent Chinese travelers visiting family and friends, brands need to adopt several key strategies.

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How Will China’s New Tourism Law Impact Your Business?

Join Jing Daily and China Luxury Advisors on September 10 to find out the details on what China's new tourism law means for retailers, attractions, and hotels.

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WeChat: A Shortcut To Mobile Relevance And Loyalty Among Chinese Travelers

According to columnist Renee Hartmann, the rapidly growing mobile communication service is not only useful for connecting with Chinese consumers at home, but also abroad.

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