Who are you calling a "rude tourist"? (KO)

The Truth About China’s ‘Rude’ Tourists

While Chinese tourists behaving badly makes for a sensationalist headline, most well-heeled travelers are more interested in the most sophisticated experiences they can find.

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Shanghai Louis Vuitton Maison Store Opening Cocktail Party_0725

4 Vital Traits Shared By China’s Top Luxury Brands

Although there are a myriad of ways in which luxury brands can stumble in China, columnist Michael Zakkour argues that successful companies have several characteristics in common.

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Taiwanese actor Wang Lee-Hom appears in a Chinese ad for Coach, an American brand known for tapping into accessible luxury demand. (Visit Beijing)

Accessible Luxury: The Mainland’s New Market Mover?

A few years ago, the concept of “accessible luxury” as a market mover in China was little more than a dot on the horizon, but today, the situation couldn't be more different, argues columnist Mich...

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Mixed Signals: Deciphering the Conflicting Reports on Luxury in China

China's luxury market is too diverse to be thought of as a monolithic whole, argues columnist Michael Zakkour.

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